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Start Buying Back The Best Of Your Time

Elzen West develops, owns, partners and invests in asymmetrically risked Multi-Family, Student Rental, Light Industrial and Land deals in Alberta and British Columbia.


We believe earning money while you sleep is easier than you think.

Land | Loyalty | Longevity



Real Estate Development can be a very lucrative business but have some major barriers to entry. These biggest are generally a lack of experience and knowledge. They are also the best tools that will save your investors money and your reputation. Without them, you are often in a parallel risk investment instead of an asymmetrical one of low-risk high reward. With years of past experience in Contracting and Construction Management, Ben and Caleb learned developments from the bottom up which made the top down much easier as the learning curve was less steep than most. Our Solutions ensure increased certainty, credibility, confidence, capital gains and cash flow so everyone we do business with prospers.

You can accomplish great things, we can help.


Skill | Speed | Passion

Do What You Do Best And Delegate The Rest

Development Planning

In having past decades of Construction Management experience and being a full time Developer with in house experts and with an in house Architect , we are able to leverage our teams experience to ensure your project is designed and de-risked whether we are equity participants or not. We know what works and what doesn't because we've been where you are too. Its key to know what is sizzle and what is steak and who has the "tall hat, not cattle" personalities that may be selling you a "song and a dance" on a peice of land.

Let us help you get your vision to the next step without wasting the most valuable resource you'll ever know; TIME.

 Gap Analysis

Any project can always use another set of experienced eyes and sharp minds. Especially from one with our credibility, confidence, clout and candour. If there is a way to save time, money or effort, we'll find it. Project reviews start at nearly all budgets and project sizes. You know what you know, you know what you don't know, let us help you find what you don't know, you don't know

Learn from our mistakes, flat our failures, our connections, and experience, guard your investor's money and steward their trust. We'll take care of finding the failure path while you finish your doing what only you can do. 

Meeting at construction site

Development Management

Our team is selective in the projects we devote our time, skill and energy towards. In being able to leverage not only our 40+ year of experience, but we are also able to leverage our relational equity with suppliers, lenders, and our own investment dollars.


If you are wanting a guide on the side of your deal, we'd love to help you rinse out the risk and execute what you've created with excellence.

Get the horsepower you need to take the next step in your development career and reach out so you can buy back your time and mitigate your risk

Developing Land, People & Projects To Their Highest And Best Use

Working With Us

We create increased peace of mind, and financial certainty by executing great projects at great speed for those looking to create success in real estate. Our commitment and history is in helping others achieve the financial ability to do nearly anything and the mental freedom to do nothing through real estate development. 


We accomplish this by having three niche skill sets from three owners and a team of highly skilled and high-character team members and consultants, we are able to get projects further, and faster through a systematic and simultaneous strategy. From pre-development structuring and strategies to rezoning, capital stack coordination, design, project cost certainty to sales and marketing strategies and beyond, we are a vertically integrated and performance-driven team.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Alignment & Standards 

Ideal Clients

The clients we best align with and serve are individuals who highly value their time, family and working with competent experts who have a history of working with them to obtain their personal and professional goals. Typically they currently own a property or raw land, have a specific property, vision or opportunity and have used their wisdom to qualify a decision to invest their time into chasing down their calculated belief.

Past Clients 

Our clients and colleagues describe us as reliable, innovative, thoughtful, diligent and highly effective at communication. The highest and best use for our team is in being involved early stages where we can invest our time in creating innovative designs, deal structuring and strategizing to ensure excellence in execution. Being a team that is trusted with important tasks and with creating outcomes others can rely on is something that we value. Because of our individual experience of delivering projects for 40 years having 14 years of Interior Design and 13 years of galvanizing teams, we are able to create, substantiate and cast vision that any lender or investor will want to be a part of. Our high trust and long-term relationships with suppliers, sub-trades and consultants allow for leverage to be applied in your favor resulting in exponential value for pre-development that flows through to completion.

What To Expect

When you authorize us to take action, you can expect to bring our best and then some. The value you receive pre agreement will be dwarfed post authorization in the same way it has been felt by nearly countless past clients. You will be equipped with the most important information, in the least amount of time possible with the least amount of stress and uncertainty possible. The level of development literacy you will have access to will bring you both confidence and peace of mind.  We believe in excellence in customer service, stewardship and transparency and you will a measurable difference in working with us that will rival anything you’ve experienced before.

We know you can do great things with your hard-earned money just as much as we know we can help get you wherever you want to be. We also know that right now you don’t have enough information to make a decision to engage us fully or even know us enough to trust us. However, if you want to stay aligned with your values regarding time, certainty and speed you have found a boutique team that will keep your best interest in mind and truly gives a damn about your future.


You are searching for answers and have found enough value and intrigue by reading this far for a reason. If you feel aligned with our ideal client characteristics, we invite you to consider booking a call with us and taking action on your real estate journey. 


Welcome to your first real estate polarity of having something significant to gain and everything to lose if you do not take action now.


Welcome to real estate nuance. Welcome to one of the best opportunities you will ever encounter. 


Welcome to ElzenWest Development Partners.



We are a relational business, we care about people and love to see others win and win often. Even when we might not be involved in the upside. Elzen-West Development Partners focuses on creating community, contribution, cash flow and character in an environment where everyone we do business with prospers. Our team is able to embrace what is different to celebrate what is effective. We are a comprehensive team of "Designers, Developers, Financial Innovators, Initiators and Doers" who focus on hitting singles and doubles and avoid betting the farm on home run swings. By never stretching further than our blanket covers, we are developing generational relationships, wealth and purpose. Whether it be the genius of Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement or Tenancity we are able to identify, encourage and equip others to live in their excellence as much as possible.

Our "soul" goal is to curate an environment that increases community, character, compassion, curiosity, and cash flow in all that we do.  Whether that is sharing financial literacy with our partners and investors' families, igniting work relationships outside of our projects, or leveraging our reach and relationships to get their children ideal opportunities and experiences, we show up in big ways and small ways for our partners and our friends.


We invite you to consider working with us and on our vision so we can help you reach yours. 


Provinces Of Excellence. AB/BC


Great Deal Starts Per Year


Million of Projects In

Pre-Development In 2023 To Date


Key Types of Developments

What makes us different?

We're happy to be hungry and humble despite past successes in our individual businesses. We know that we have things we don't know because of that,  we choose to be early adaptors of certain technologies and are constantly investing in learning. That means eagerly integrating things like ChatGPT, ChatSonic, ongoing mentoring, International Business Relations NeuroScience, Psychological Safety Measures, AI, Cost Segregation, and Social Media into our operations. And... we also like handwriting proformas, reading physical books and listening to hockey games on the radio. With one foot consciously planted in the past and one in the present future, this strategty gives us access to numerous Working Genius types of value.

Ben and I genuinely give a damn about others, and our community and we both started on the tools and worked our way up. We are reachable, teachable, likable, approachable and love to learn from others. In addition, we have developed the ability to be really good at saying "no" without being resistant to change, opportunity, or it resulting in burning bridges. This comes from the reality that we have earned our Ph.D. (Poor Hungry and Desperate) which has shaped our passion and our purpose to increase our professional and personal capacity, while also developing land, people, and projects to their highest and best use. When things are bad, no one seems to see the good. When things are good, no one wants to see the bad. By keeping a trained eye for the duality in every situation, we are able to see outside of the short-term financial situations and navigate with confidence and resilience. We also take great pride in our relationships, our devotion to them, and our ability to create environments where others feel and where we consider them, as a part of the team, not just a piece of it. Because we fear mediocrity more and are undaunted by failure and hardship, we are able to persevere through things without compromising our Character and we hold ourselves, our trades, suppliers, and partners to account. 

Stewardship and Supporting Excellence & Innovation

Why We Do It

Because without accepting the above, we'll fail at creating generational abundance of time, money, and relationships for ourselves and those who trust us. With both fluid wisdom and crystalized wisdom we are able to have the benefits of a foot in the past and a foot in the future. We are consistently seeking out new technical and strategic partners, and software and embracing things like Chat GPT and building international relationships with PE Funds, Lenders and Suppliers. Knowing that we have 7 generations in the workforce means we have to navigate them and create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard and understood. It's a fine balance of old school meets new school and the generational gap of tech, mindset and lifestyle is something we have fun with and learn from. Building great relationships is our core goal as we want to exclusively work with people we want to grow old doing business with for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. By being excellent in development we can impact the charities we choose and change the way Capitalism is done in many ways. This is what we call Avodah, a way of using our work and service to be our worship and reverence to God by bettering the lives of people Locally, Nationally, and Internationally. This is how we stay authentic to the beliefs we both share and model that virtue, with the same allowances, to those around us. 

Where We Do It

We operate within our scope of relational excellence where one of the Senior Partners can be at within 1.5 hour's drive. This means we can present a deal to the municipality, lender, vendor, or partner, be gutshot and get back to work within the same day. This means we only do deals in Edmonton & Area + The Okanagan Valley exclusively. 

How We Do It

We focus on asymmetrical investment opportunities (low-risk high reward), with our "4-Core"  strategy of working with proven expert consultants, trades, and suppliers in creating an environment where everyone we do business with prospers. This means being as upfront with our trades team as our investment partners, lenders and each other's families. Great returns come from great relationships and allow us to grow relational equity as much as our ROI and we've found relational equity almost always pays out more than a capital gain. We are conservative in our proformas, detailed in our budgeting and thorough in due diligence processes so we can play the long game and not get swept up in bull and bear markets. 

No Home Run Swings, No Strike Outs


We diversify our income through alternative routes to ensure we can thrive in downturns. Other developers do excellent deals and have access to relational capital we don't. By using our network and our Fee for Service Development Review & Planning services we get a peak at the inside operations of deals that we can invest into when it makes the most sense. We know we cannot always bank on great markets and development fees and promotes. Because of this,  we're mindful to ensure residual income flows from our rental division and that our community partnerships are continually tended to.

    Cash flow is sanity, Revenue is Vanity


In addition to our new build developments, we also diversify our income by focusing on traditional fee-for-service work where we can help others get further, faster with less risk. This allows us to get paid for what we know and whom we know, while also building excellent relationships and creating opportunities to see other developers' teams' deals that allow us and our investment fund partners to participate in. 


Further to this income stream, we also keep open lines of communication and have access to the following investment opportunities.




Community Partnerships

We love people. We love to see others thrive and be a part of the enabling, equipping and encouragement of those who devote their lives to walking alongside those who need help. This means partnering with Charities, Philanthropists and Not For Profits to build housing for those we need a hand-up and a guide to walk with. Regardless of the market, there is always a business case to be made for these types of developments. This allows us to give back and keep the lights on when the Luxury Multi-Family, Light Industrial or Land Development Market doesn't make sense to start a project in. 

Student Housing

Because of our commitment to relationship excellence and intentionality, we are blessed to be able to have relationships with Post Secondary Institutions, "feeder schools" and International Schools. This means we are able to build pre-leased student renal projects that ensure steady cash flow and high occupancy which is the asymmetrical risk quotient that serves our team and investors best. By providing the same relational environment for our student tenants that we do for our investors and partners, we ensure the longevity of relationships, rapport with their spheres of influence, low vacancy and near to no damage to our assets. These are built for Post Secondary Institutions, individual investors and our long-term hold investment partner division.

Patient Land Partnerships

We have found that people with land in ideal development locations are rarely prideful, boujee or vain. Because of our relatability of character, starting position in life, the fact that we first made our money with our hands too, and that we don't show up in an arrogant or prideful manner, we're able to befriend them with ease and honesty. These allow us the time we need to derisk the deal, increase project success, and create an asymmetrical position of high reward and low risk. We've found that increasing their certainty by having a partner who is honest, transparent, pragmatic, and skillful is what they want most. Not fancy dinners, flights and gala's the way the world seems to think is the way to do it. These projects range between 2 to 6 years for land readiness and we have constant monitoring of the market and moves of other developers and municipalities within the area. These plays have no tenants, low taxes, market appreciation, and massive upside.


Project Examples

Meet the Team

Steady | Swift | Smart | Suave

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How It Started

From Caleb's Cold Call To Relationship Excellence

Seven years ago, I cold-called Ben and told him that one day, I was going to be the rainmaker of a business partner he always wanted. I had read about Ben and seen the kind of work he did and how he lived out his convictions and beliefs in the same way my grandfather did. I was attracted to Ben's steadiness, his devotion to excellence, his family and honesty and his openness to innovation. I now realize that God has some bigger plans than I did and I feel blessed to be able a blessing to my family, friends and community. With the different generational vintages and with a firm footing in the construction industry, we are old school and new school blended into a practical and pragmatic Development Firm. One with caution and optimism leading the way like a team of Clydesdales that allows each of us to do what is inspiring, enjoyable and important to us in our own way. Ben and I have intentionally built the high trust outside of work with each other that is sought after by all business partners. In a decade of solo entrepreneurship, I've always looked forward to working within a team that wants me and my family to succeed as much as I do them and their family.  Now that I have that, I am eager to share it with others so we can multiply our impact and help families prosper as ours do.

We love helping others make their money work as hard for them as they've worked for it so they can get further, faster through Real Estate Development. As a relationally based company, we are at our best by making smart, simple, safe, yet bold decisions while never stretching further than our blanket covers.  Our team does this by exclusively focusing on the areas we know best in Alberta and British Columbia.

We look forward to serving, learning and earning with you for years to come and encouraging, empowering and equipping you to buy back your time and live a life of fulfillment, contribution and joy just as we do.

Land | Loyalty | Longevity

-Caleb West




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, simply call Caleb at 780.288.9638 or book a call

Kelowna Office

#204, 1455 Ellis Street

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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"To Develop Land, People & Projects To Their Highest and Best Use"

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