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Ideal Partners

Our ideal partners think boldly, are devoted to buying back their time and know they need to learn how to have their money make money for them. They are established in their scope of work, have created success professionally & personally and desire to be in a peer community of like-minded individuals with demonstrated success and of high character. But mostly, they genuinely care about creating an environment in their home life where they can have the means to do nearly anything and the freedom to do nothing. Just as Ben and I do as General Partners and Lead Sponsors.

"We care more about our partner's and investor's Character than their cash. Cash is easy to find, good Charactered Partners are not"
-Caleb West

Getting Involved
An Introduction to Syndications & Funds 

We have a passion and a focus on simplifying investing in real estate. With clear and easy-to-understand deal memos, agreements, distribution charts and access to the physical site, we make what is usually intangible, as tangible as you want.



Transparent, disclosed and detailed documentation keeps us aligned with our personal Character. With 1,2 and 3-year project timelines and 5,7 and 10-year Investments Terms in one or more of our parallel Real Estate Funds, we can operate with exclusive access to our own deals we develop and those of past consulting clients, peer developers as well as private family offices who know like and trust us. This means more robust returns, safer deals and scalability of your investment future at a pace few others can offer. Our funds invest in across our "4CORE"  which allows a diversified blend of cash flow, market appreciation and profit sharing from our pre-sold developments in Alberta and British Columbia.


On a deal-by-deal basis, we are able to financially partner with friends, family, close business associates and accredited investors. This means you know exactly where your money is going and exactly where your money is coming from. These are done via Joint Venture Partnerships or GP/LP governance tools where the terms are specific to an individual real estate development project. 

Your Money, Your Term, Your Choice.

Oil Field Experts

This is a way to invest with the best business onwers and    C-Suite Teams in Canada. The ones who you'd want to do business with outside of real estate and the ones you'd be proud to host in your home. From Service, Machining and Oil Field Construction, this kind of partner has access to curated relationships that we hope net you more money and peace of mind ourside of EWDP than even we do inside of your passive partnership investment with us. 

Doctors & Healthcare Proffesionals 

Ideal for those who know that their is less and less valor in giving up the best of their time for those that are not your family, EWDP proudly works with Doceres Capital.  As an Limited Partnership Fund founded  by Doctors and For Doctors & Proffessionals , it makes investing easy, safe, and certain. Buying back your time is easier than you think.

Cowboy Capital

Decisive, Agressive and Boldness describe this Fund to a T. By targeting a higher return than Core ((6-8%)and Core Plus (8-10%) return with a focus on hard moeny lending on 6-12 months terms, Cowboy Capital may seem cavalier to most but, their confidence and access to projects through EWDP make risk mitigation and due diligence happen faster than Billy The Kid's draw.  

Money is action
Keeping money is behaviour
Growing money is knowledge


The information contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any investment product of Elzen West Development Partners Inc or any of its associates or affiliates.

Past results are not a guarantee for future success.

No return is guaranteed.

Elzen West Development Partners Inc. does not provide financial or suitability advice.

Elzen West Development Partners Inc offers opinions only.

Investments to eligible investors are sold via offering memorandum only. Please read it carefully and consider the risks and disclosures as set out therein before making an investment decision.

Investments to accredited investors (or friends & family or close business associates) are sold without an offering memorandum; please read the subscription and associated product disclosure documents carefully and consider the risks and disclosures as set out therein before making an investment decision.

Minimum investment amounts, eligibility requirements, and minimum hold periods apply.

This investment is classified as an Exempt Market Security and is sometimes distributed through approved Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) in Canada.  All inquiries with respect to investing in general may be answered by us but may be directed to an Exempt Market Dealer registered in the appropriate jurisdiction. The Exempt Market Dealer Representative may respond directly to your query.

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