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Our Team

Galvanizing and Gathering People of Excellence

Without interpersonal success, financial success is an empty metric of excellence. Our team culture focuses on only working with people who are tactical experts we can equip, and enable to do what they want to do most; have the freedom, opportunity and responsibility to do excellent work for those who trust and believe in them to do so. Below you will find a group of people galvanized to pursue the goal of personal and professional excellence while building high trust relationships for decades to come. 

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Our Story

Each person below have a few key things in common. First they have a high trust relationship with Caleb outside of work, second they are leaders in their field and have excellence strategical wisdom and tactical capabilities. They are reliable, have demonstrated integrity and care deeply about those they love and the communities they call home. Most of all they are committed to creating a lifestyle that allows they to have the ability to do nearly anything and the freedom to do nothing. It is because of them, because of eachother , that ElzenWest Development Partners is excellent in so many ways and capable of becoming better and better. Our team, is your team.

Meet The Team

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